DG Cargo Handling

Many articles for daily use in our living environment should be regarded as “dangerous goods” during transportation such as perfume (aerosol), pesticide, paint, resin, table tennis balls, batteries, BBQ charcoal and fireworks, etc.. These goods can easily cause fires, explosions or damage to the environment or life if there is an accident or leaking during transportation.

Dangerous goods (DG) pose a particularly high risk when transported in large quantities. They are more explosive, flammable, toxic, radioactive, or corrosive and harmful character to the environment. Therefore, we have to pay more attention to the safety of dangerous goods during cargo operation / stowage. In other words, shippers have to fill out DG declarations and other related documents for shipside and shore side to proceed with emergency measures under the IMDG Code.

In order to increase the safety of dangerous cargo.
We have a “Dangerous Goods Desk” to handle all affairs regarding dangerous cargos operation and the transportation-related issues. If you have any questions about dangerous cargo transportation